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Integrated & Automated to Save Time & Money

Integrated and automated
to save time and money

What is Art Installer Network?

A.I.N. is a program created for art providers who seek the services of art installers to complete their creative projects. A database of installation professionals is integrated with automated processes which improve efficiency and lowers costs. Installer skills sets are cross-referenced to project scopes so that art providers are always being introduced to the most qualified installers available.

How Are Projects Priced?

A.I.N. estimates the time needed to install basic art projects. Equations determine prices based on piece-counts, while coefficients ...

How Are Projects Scheduled?

Customers proceed to the SCHEDULE link and choose the start date and time. Using data obtained during the pricing process, ...

What Services Are Offered?

The Art Installer Network program performs integration services. Art providers maintain smooth projects through it's estimating, scheduling, file sharing, signature ...

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