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What is Art Installer Network?

AIN is a program which analyses a project's scope then estimates its installation time. Proposing a $1/minute wage, it access a database of professional installers, cross-reference that scope to their reported skill sets, then introduces the client to local installers available to complete the project at that estimated price. AIN then monitors the project, generates reports, invoices clients and pays installers.

How Are Projects Priced?

AIN's computerized system estimates the time needed to install a basic art project. Based primarily on the number of pieces, ...

How Are Projects Scheduled?

The first step is for the client to confirm the site’s readiness for the installation, preferably within 2 weeks ...

What Services Are Offered?

A.I.N. helps art providers maintain smooth projects through estimating, scheduling, file sharing, signature verifying, financing, invoicing and other ...

Profiling A Professional

Meet Chris Kulow, Marine veteran and a master craftsman who installs art with military precision. He owns a medical equipment and office furniture installation company in Tennessee and is considered by many to be an outstanding installer. Chris as stepped up as AIN’s Field Director, completing their client’s largest and most challenging projects while vetting the art installers registered with the Network. Chris is bonded, locally licensed, and fully insured. Client feedback describes him as an extremely likable professional, who is respectful, humble and possesses a work ethic like no other.

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