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What is Art Installer Network?

A.I.N. is a cloud-based service custom designed for the installation needs of the art industry. A.I.N. integrates billing, calendars, scheduling interfaces, notification systems and file sharing platforms to improve the process of installing art. The automation saves clients a considerable amount of time and money by eliminating travel expenses and automating tasks.


Finally! Who do I call to place an order? I cannot find a phone number on your site. 

Since we are unable to forward conversations to available installers, we do not accept phone orders. Our online form collects the details which will be forwarded to the installers who will work the project. You’ll be able to talk with one shortly.

No way! Can you find me an installer in . . . 


Awesome! Can I get the installer’s name?

We know of installers in all the major cities but we’d need to find one who is available for your project. When an order is placed, details are relayed to a regional project board where installers sign up for the projects they’re available to work. An installer may not know their availability until shortly before the start date.

Yikes! I have a project in 6 months, I’d like you to recruit someone for it now!

In 6 months, an installer recruited today may no longer be available. More likely than not, the project’s start date will also have changed and we’ll end up recruiting for that job again. On average, we start recruiting about 10 days before a project. In some cities, due to an installer’s history of being readily available, we may be able to give you their name immediately, but in most cases, contact us no further out than 2 weeks.

Do I schedule with AIN?

We’ll find you an available installer but you’ll ultimately schedule directly with them. For consistency and convenience, we’ve created reservation portal which is controlled by you and integrated with the installer’s and with A.I.N.’s calendars. We are notified of any changes you make in that schedule in case we need to find another available installer.

Do I pay A.I.N. for the install?

You pay A.I.N. for the billing services, which also covers the install.

How do I know this is secure?

We place the money to be paid to the installer in an escrow account. It is released to them when the client okay’s the work.

Can I get a certificate of liability insurance from A.I.N.?

A.I.N. performs cloud-based services for both the art installer and the art provider but does not install art. AIN is not responsible for the installers or their conduct, attendance or final product; nor are we responsible for the art providers, their order’s accuracy or for expenses incurred from a project not being ready; nor are we responsible for the trucking company or any late deliveries, incomplete shipments or damages to product, regardless of when damages were found; nor are we responsible for the job site or their working conditions or any delays in their construction schedule. Art Installer Network is responsible for timely payments to installers, accurate invoices to the client and proper filing of tax documents to the IRS.

Are the installers vetted?

The professional installers operates as a co-op. Newer installers are brought in on large projects and are vetted by current installers. A.I.N. receives reports from installers, past clients and the end-users which are integrated into an installer rating system. We also encourage the art provider to connect with the art installer after the introduction is made so that they can determine for themselves the installer’s qualifications.

How does the ordering process work?

Customers place an online order and the website calculates the cost. That order is posted on a regional project board and installers who are available to work that project respond accordingly. A program cross references job skills possessed with job skill needed and generates the best match. The installer is introduced to the art provider who works directly with the installer for all issues related to design and scheduling. When the project is completed, pictures are taken, electronic sign-off sheet are submitted, notifications are emailed, invoices are sent, installers are paid and tax documents are filed. WHEW! You do this stuff manually?

How are travel expenses calculated?

Since we use local installers, travel expenses are minimized. And standardized. Compensation for tolls, parking, fuel and a standard of an hour of one-way travel time have a travel compensation of $80 in most cities. In the 10 largest designated market areas (NYC, LA, CHI, HOU, PHI, SF Bay area, DFW, DC, Boston, Miami) and at US military bases the amount is $120.

Does A.I.N. get bids from installers?

No. In order for the program to be able to generate prices, we needed to standardize them. For most projects, that amount is determined by the number of pieces and the hardware used. For t-screw security, depending in the size of the order, $16/pc is the average price. When paying an installer by the hour, it’s $70 per.

What is the cost to use the AIN program?

10% of the bill.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Our terms are net 10.


* Art Installers * Muralists * Paper Hangers *
* Museum Preparators * Interior Designers *

Full Service

  • Billing
  • 1099/w9
  • File Storage
  • Streaming Video
  • Digital Sign-Off
  • Scheduling Interfaces
  • Notification Systems

Billing For

  • Art Installers
  • Muralists
  • Interior Designers
  • Museum Preparators
  • Art Handlers
  • Artists
  • Independent Contractors
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Feedback From The Nation's Top Art Consultants and Interior Designers:

“We have had great success using Art Install Network for our decor installations nationwide. The installers have been very clean, courteous, and someone that we would want to represent our company on a job site. The installations for all the jobs have not been simple framed art hanging and we have been very impressed with the experience and knowledge of the installers provided. The jobs were 2-3 day full decor packages including, framing, graphics, taxidermy, signage and other custom items that require special attention to detail and custom hanging methods. The installers not only were able to handle these items but also provided us with additional suggestions to improve and speed up future jobs. They were also able to analyze unforeseen on site issues and provide solutions. The quality of labor and personnel provided has always exceeded the cost for the service and we look forward to continuing to get quality installations done nationwide for our customers.” Bryan D. Vaughn, Vice President-Public Imagery

“Scott, everyone was great! All 3 did a fantastic job and had great attitudes. I am very pleased with the quality of guys you sent us. Thanks so much!” Jennifer, Art & Plants (8/13/15 Ft. Campbell VAMC, 100+ pcs, “super secure” w/ caulk, 3pt install)

“Thank you, Scott! We had a difficult client who now loves us, based mostly on the great installer you sent for the project. I am excited to use you again!” Maggie Smith, Art Source Online, Inc. (7/15/15, MA Senior Living, 30 pcs, H&W)

“Scott sent Clay, a wonderful professional. He was on time, completed several installs for me in a timely manner. I can’t say enough about Clay’s attention to detail and making sure I was pleased with his work. I will definitely hire them!” Lauren Lombardi, Mesquite, TX, 4/18/15, (art, drapes, accessories)

“We hired Ari through Art Installer Network to hang some art work around our office and they did a great job and were very easy to work with. I recommend them for your future art hanging needs.” Julie Lovett, Arlington, VA, 4/8/15

“Immediate response and referral. All work completed the next day. Great job and very pleased!” Lisa Levine, Tarzana, CA, 4/26/15 (shades, art)

“Scott is the best! He is professional, reliable & easy to work with. He takes care of details I didn’t think of & is very experienced in placing & hanging all media.” Kathleen Bernhardt, Corporate Art Source - Chicago

“AIN did great in finding Lance. He’s a good fit for us & I would use him again. He was FANTASTIC in a tough situation. I can’t say enough good about him.” JoAnne McDonald, Prints Unlimited Galleries (5/15, Poughkeepsie Hosp, concrete, 3pt)

“We love Scott at ArtLine, Ltd. Scott is always just a phone call away and works extremely hard to accommodate our clients, even on very short notice.” Kathy Theil, Artline, Ltd., Waukesha, WI

“Thank you for finding JJ so quickly to step in & help as that demonstrates how you’re committed to making your clients happy w/ the services you provide.” Todd Weiler Director, Purchasing Artisan Design Group, San Diego, CA, (6/16/15, Dallas, TX shade, art, accessories).

“Scott brought valuable service to at the Midland hospital. He is a true expert in his field, knowledgeable, supportive and service-oriented. He takes great pride in the excellence of his work and I would certainly recommend him for any future installations.” Rachel Wyatt, Booth Framing

“Great experience and will use them again for sure!” Heather Denniston, Issaquah, WA

“Scott is very customer service oriented & does a wonderful job installing artwork for my clients. I would recommend him for any project. He goes above & beyond.” Sara Beckett, Certified Master Framer, SBFraming Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

“I am very pleased with the work performed by this company. The installer contacted me days prior to starting the work, was flexible with scheduling, and was prompt to arrive and begin working. Not only did he hang drapes, but he also hung picture frames, mirrors and artwork (which required to be removed from crates). He even provided opinions on how and where to arrange the photos on the walls. There was no assignment that I requested that he was not willing to perform for me. I will certainly call this company first for future projects.” Jordan Ballard, Mansfield, TX.

“The installers did a great job! Their attention to detail was appreciated greatly. I would recommend them both. Malcolm was very easy going, understanding and had great ideas for tidying up the finished product and making everything look complete. Austin has a great deal of knowledge on tools, materials, etc. If there’s a way to put something on the wall he can do it . . . including door vinyls. They are both very smart guys. It was great! Thank you very much!” Dori Fry, Public Imagery, Tampa, FL (12/1/15, Chicago Twin Peaks Restaurant)

“Thank you again for the highly detailed recap. I cannot tell you how impressed I am. I will be referring my colleagues to use your services for future jobs. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I hope to do more business together very soon.” Valerie Schub, Kevin Barry Fine Art Associates, Arlington, TX 3/9/16.

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