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Pricing is based on the project's piece count, not on an installer's time. Conditions which slow an installer have surcharges attached. (If the piece count is not known, if this is a residential project or if a project's conditions are unique enough to not be covered by this pricing guide, then please check: "Time.")

This estimation is calulated by

Site visit

If any of the following site visits are needed, check the corresponding box. If the count is over 30 pieces (1 hour minimum) the price per piece for a walk-thru is $2 and covers measurements, documentation and/or photographs of the spaces.

Labor Union

Does this project require the use of labor union?

Hourly Compensation

Defaults and Assumptions

  • Rate is $60/hour
  • 1 Hour minimum
  • 6 Minutes increments
  • 15% off-hour/weekend differential

Please describe your project

Is this project to be completed after 8pm and before 8am?


Project data regarding completion times.

Under ideal conditions, with "dock to dumpster" service, these are the average install rates per hardware type:

  • 5 pieces per hour via 3 or 4 pt. security hardware;
  • 7 pieces per hour via standard hardware;
  • 3 pieces per hour via 4 point standoff hardware;
  • 2 pieces per hour via 6 point standoff hardware;
  • 2 pieces per hour via behavioral health frames;
  • 30 pieces per hour for site surveys;
  • 9 pieces per hour for leased art rotations;
  • 9 pieces per hour for "de-installs"

An hourly rate of $60, divided by the above install rate, equals the labor cost per piece.

The project's count, divided by the above install rate, equals the expected completion time.

Is this project to be completed after 8pm and before 8am?

Pieces to be install

Other Pieces

Standard Hardware - $9 (double hooked)

Security Hardware - $13 (3pt. or 4pt.)

Behavioral Health - $30 (caulk options available.)

Standoffs - $5 (per barrel, sheet and layer.)

Info needed:

  • Number of barrels. (Two 4 barrel acrylics and one 6 barrel = 14 total barrels.)
  • Number of sheets. (The above display would have 3 sheets.)
  • Number of layered sheets. (Sheets sharing barrels with other sheets. 1 piece could be shared by the above configuration.)

Murals - $4 sq.ft.

Rods and Cables:

Enough data has not yet been collected on projects with rods and cable for A.I.N. to be able to estimate cost and completion times. If your project uses this hardware, please enter your (or the manufacturer's) estimate of completion time and include any visuals available.


Per piece pricing assumes ideal conditions. Surcharges are assessed to offset the delays caused by common situations and settings. Failure to mention these variables will result in additional charges from the installer: (Art providers may need to obtain additional site information from their customers.)

  • Elevations requiring ladders
  • Lack of a floor plan/Installers also working as a designer’s assistant
  • Hard walls
  • Premium insurance levels
  • Shorten work days (as is often seen with military bases)
  • Active construction site or a site not ready for the art
  • Complex hardware
  • Over-sized pictures
  • Installers needing to be a member of a labor union

Situations which could not be verified in advance of a project or had no connection to the wishes of their customer do not carry a surcharge:

  • Delays caused by those served by the customer (residents, patients, general public, etc)
  • Traffic.
  • Broken elevators, fire alarms
  • Emergencies.

Ladder Surcharges

Defaults and assumptions

  • Surcharge includes rental of the device.
  • Time and effort is involved to transport & assemble devices.
  • The cost is relative to the height of the pieces. High pieces = more time
  • References to height are measured above "Eye-level" = 5 ft.

Project data: Time Study.

In an average sized facility, under ideal conditions, the following breakdown of tasks can be expected:

  • 15% of the install time is uncrating, unpackaging and staging.
  • 25% of the time is spent placing.
  • 50% spent installing.
  • 5% locking in and cleaning of pieces.
  • 5% cleaning packaging, disposing of trash.


Defaults and assumptions

  • Piece placement and elevations should be determined prior to the install.
  • Placement times increase by 2x if a floor plan is not available to an installer.
  • Referencing the above, a 25% surcharge will be added if an installer is also assisting a designer.

2 hour window" (a.k.a. "Guaranteed delivery")

Defaults and assumptions:

  • 82% occur within that time range.
  • 18% occur outside that range.
  • 7% occur on another day.
  • Installer's compensation is at a discounted rate.
  • Installer will contact client if the shipment is a "no-show".
  • Installer collects discounted rate + call-out if shipment is a "no-show".

x $15.00/hr (25% of standard wage)

Additional hardware:

Defaults and assumptions:

  • Security hardware is included with the product.
  • Standard hardware is NOT included with the product.
  • At any given time, an installer may not have enough hardware.
  • A 25 lb hook, with tax, costs about $.50.
  • 2 hooks per piece are used.
  • Larger pieces need large hooks, hence.
  • A sliding scale, with frame size, determines std. hardware expenses.

Additional hardware will be (was) needed:

Certificate of liability insurance

Though we require an installer to carry liability insurance, not all have immediate access to certificates. As an incentive to those installers to obtain that certificate, a $25 surcharge is assessed. Some insurance companies charge up to $50 for “Additional Insured” status, so to offset that cost, an additional $50 surcharge is added here. If a certificate of insurance is needed, please complete the following:

Is receiving, storing or delivering needed?

Receiving, Storing and Delivering:

Assumes 25 pieces per crate, one hour per crate to receive and examine product, $5 per crate per day to store, one week of storage prior to install date, one half hour load time, one half hour drive time from a framer who is no further than 30 miles from the project.

Is this on a military base?

The most expensive cities in the U.S.

Zipcode of the project:

Labor-related costs

If you feel more time is needed to complete the project, please add hours here.

Call-out charges

Call-outs address local transportation expenses and make it possible to find an installer willing to hang ONE pictures. Charged on a daily basis, with $500 in labor defining 1 day. If additional trips were needed, add them below.

Network Fee

10% covers transaction fees, Internet expenses, taxes and interest fees.

Regarding the project's date:

Upload files relating to pricing

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